About Me

Name: Patrick Tree Hill

Age: 43 (will undoubtedly change)

Height: 6′ 2″ (and probably shrinking)

Weight: (about)180 lbs

Book Recommendations: The Bible, Dandelion Wine, The Giving Tree

Favorite Exercises: Pullup, Handstand Pushup, Barbell Deadlift, Kettlebell Snatch

Education: Divine;  Autodidact ( “auto” being a very misleading prefix in that it implies that education comes from some internal source; an autodidact is more accurately an absorber of the accumulated knowledge of others)  and obsessive reader of great literature. I do have some formal education, but I am loathe to admit it. Certified Personal Trainer, for whatever that’s worth.

Background: Grew up in the Adirondacks region of  Northern New York State with my reformed hippie parents and younger brother in a house with no electricity.

I'm the one without diapers!

I’m the one without diapers!

Many books about everything were read by firelight.

We leaped on rocks in the river and swam it’s raging torrents when the spring floods turned it from docile to frothing. We built things, ascended things, lit things on fire and ran through the woods with all the heedless abandon of television-less youth.

We climbed the 46  High Peaks.

A rope slung from a white pine in the front yard was a trapeze entrance to an elevated green world where Tolkien, London, and Seuss planted their germs in our tender young brains.

I retain an abiding interest in writing, poetry, and the incredible art and science of the human body.

I am an ocean swimmer, a calisthenics athlete, kettlebeller, backcountry skier, backpacker, juggler, slackliner, and lamentably, maybe never high altitude mountaineer. (Unless Ed Viesturs reads this and takes pity on me.)

I finished 13th in my age group in my first and only participation the 2009 La Luz Trail Run, described by the Fall 2001 issue of Trail Runner Magazine as one of the “12 Most Grueling Trail Races in North America.” I love trail running, but don’t run regularly because it makes me too skinny!

Having lived since 2004 with my beautiful wife in the state of New Mexico, I have quaffed deeply of the desert and it has stained my blood with zephyrs and sandstone. Standing on the winter summit of Wheeler Peak, scrambling up precipitous El Cabezon, watching the sun rise over red rock country- all these have etched their inscriptions into my memory.

Sincerest thanks to anyone who spends a moment of their precious life considering this blog! (It would only take a moment more to subscribe…)

Ask me about how to live forever!

With my Dad, 1975

With my Dad, 1975


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