Sueño Salvaje, February 2016 campfire


Sueño Salvaje, February 2016 campfire

February saw a skeleton crew of 3 trek into Oso Canyon to whiff some campfire smoke and camaraderie away from the traffic noise.

This was to be a follow up to the plan hatched here.

Robert, El Stevo, and I were the only ones able to break away from the tentacles of civilization. We loaded up our backpacks on a Saturday afternoon and hiked the 3.5 miles or so to a delightful camp spot in a valley in the Sandia Mountains. Tall pines, chatter of squirrels, and a secluded perennial spring.


El Stevo and Bobby

Arriving at the chosen spot, we kindled a blaze, let it mellow to a bed of toasty coals, and threw on our foil dinners.  Mine was a full pound of grass fed beef stew meat with potatoes, carrots, onions, cloves of garlic. Yum!

While the food cooked, we clambered onto the top of a house sized boulder and admired the majestic mountain views. Robert was less than enthusiastic about the “clambering” part.


Big boulder in the background

The meals were a great success. We spent some time around the fire talking and reading.

Later, we tossed our sleeping bags down under the pines and tried to let the full moon lull us to sleep. I was less than successful. In an ultralight frenzy, I had opted to bring my summer weight sleeping bag. Bad idea. I shivered uncomfortably until the sun percolated over the eastern ridgeline.

I was the first one up and had the fire blazing and coffee on when the boys rolled out.

We breakfasted, packed up, and traipsed our way down the valley.


Packs hanging

A post-breakfast climb to the top of a beautiful Ponderosa pine was a perfect dessert. The sun and wind burnished the morning to a perfect sheen.

Many times have my feet trodden the return path past the Cueva Conmemorativa, the Secret Waterfall, and back to the trailhead.

It was no less magical this time.


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