Proxima Centauri

Proxima Centauri

Proxima Centauri

In the midst of blackness’ glare,

  somber placed galactic stare,

All about in seeming chaos strung,

  sere planets, velvet hung.

Conundrums and abysses beckon,

  deeper, farther than plumb can reckon.

Color totalis is the color of all,

  light herself in abject thrall.

Comet’s tails scatter frozen hope,

  to stain the holy universal cope.

All seems dark and vast,

  A star an iconoclast.

But in this vagueness, between the drear,

  is something lucid near,

Five light-years away, nay closer still,

  A burning fire, a lovely chill,

Yes, proximate to me,

  Radiant you, my shining Centauri!

Proxima Centauri



  1. notprthman

    Very impressive Patty, me lad.

    1. Patrick (Post author)

      Why, thank you, northman!


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