Let a Princeton Tec Headlamp Light Up Your Life!

Let a Princeton Tec Headlamp Light Up Your Life!

Recently my beloved Princeton Tec Apex Pro Headlamp perished while escorting me on yet another nighttime outdoor adventure. My abiding appreciation for this product prompted me to send the following missive to Princeton Tec Customer Service.

Dear Princeton Tec,

Some years ago I began buying your headlamps instead of those from Petzl and Black Diamond. Why, you ask?
Was it due to the technical superiority, that dazzling brilliance of the cutting edge (at the time) halogen beams, the slick packaging?

None of the above.

Quite frankly, I switched (npi) to Princeton Tec because I read somewhere that Ed Viesturs promoted your products. I know, shameful acquiescence to the power of celebrity (at least to the mountain cognoscenti) endorsement.

Fast forward. 

On March 7, 2007, I breathlessly spent my REI dividend on a shiny new, super-bright, then-radical LED powered Princeton Tec Apex Pro. I was gobsmacked by the Lifetime Warranty and the mega lumens at minimal weight. I became the envy of my night-running amigos as my beam slashed through fog and across canyons to illuminate black bears and javelinas, escape routes and distant precipices. 

This headlamp served me well for many years from backcountry skiing Wheeler Peak to kayaking Acadia NP, from hiking the Adirondacks to navigating coastal Belize. Alas, last night as I was running in the dark down South Sandia Peak near Albuquerque NM, the beloved light began to bob downwards disconcertingly. I struggled to maintain my footing as the now unseen scree skidded from beneath my desperate feet!

Upon examining the Apex Pro, I discovered that the plastic bracket through which a bolt passes had apparently weakened, broken, and given up the ghost. Though the LED’s continue to shed their light, the functionality itself of the unit has gone to headlamp heaven.

I am of the understanding that my beloved headlamp is no longer in production; however, is there anything you can do to bring light back into my life?


The next day, I received this concise response from Maria at Princeton Tec customer service:

Please send me a pic and a mailing address to begin a return order for your apex pro light.

I did so, and in short order received a Return Merchandise Authorization number and sent the benighted corpse back to Princeton Tec.

Within a fortnight, a package from Princeton Tec materialized in my mailbox. I sliced it open, interested to see how my light had been repaired, only to discover a BRAND NEW PRINCETON  TEC APEX PRO smiling up at me from it’s plastic cocoon! Princeton Tec

The next day, I headed out into the mountains as the sun sank. Wending my way up Embudito Canyon, where the bear was sighted, I came to a granite arête as darkness enveloped the peaks.  I ducked under an overhang and built a small fire with dried bits of cholla cactus. Firing up the new Apex Pro, I bounced it’s lucid beams off of the canyon walls as I munched an apple and listened to the multi-tonal lullaby of crickets and katydids.

The new light was a success, and this fact was further verified on the nocturnal run back down the funnel to the trailhead.

While I was waiting for my warranty issue to be resolved, I had purchased a replacement headlamp, to wit, the Princeton Tec Sync, a Backpacker Magazine Editor’s Choice for 2015. Princeton Tec

It, too has provided a highly satisfactory user experience and will be accompanying me on an upcoming 4 night backpacking trip on the Continental Divide Trail.

Over the last 3 decades, I have used headlamps from Petzl, Black Diamond, and assorted other manufacturers, and while they have all been fine products, Princeton Tec has gone above and beyond by honoring a warranty on a well-used product.

I am not receiving any compensation from Princeton Tec. I am simply happy to promote a company that makes top-notch products and stands behind them 100%!

(However, Strongility.com is always seeking sponsors!)


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