Antemeridiem Perambulation- An Ode To Sunrise Trail-Running

Antemeridiem Perambulation

(An ode to sunrise trail-running)


Eastward looking, running in a new day dream,

Waking autumn leaves reflect their blush and seem,


To steep this sky in rich orange hues.

The pulse of man pounds inside, he runs to breathe the early news!


Fibers fire, contract, expand, and pant their need,

Lungs aflame to drive his legs to greater speed!


Evanescent vapors shroud the sound of agile feet,

That lithely glide like jungle children to the beat,


Dancing in layers of leaves drifting dry, strewn in the wind,

Through pieces of playground, where summer children grinned.


Laughing grandly while chaos sulks alone in city squalor,

Seeking passive necks to burden with his iron collar.


Run around, through, beyond, run elsewhere, strange, and over!

Spurn the asphalt desert, run where honest grass meets mellow clover!


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