Springtime Sipping Coffee

Spring in her Step


In her eyes, flowers burst as springtime sips another cup of coffee.

Stretching out the sleepiness, blooming the buds to present soft blue petals.

Sunshine gently tickles the sky to life…

Her smile laughs the reply from the copper horizon.

Life Waking Laughter Brilliance,

These are the essence and composite of her soul,

breathed gently from every round pore,

whispered at the corners of her lips, shouted soothingly to echo, echo,

in the somber, fluid heavens.

Strong men soak up the radiance until their skin can hold no more.

Stay, soft season, hold this fresh blossom

in your emerald embrace.

Never may she wither,

verdant may she stay,

Keep yourself in her flowing step until the golden tresses of sunshine are no more.


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